Dreams To Reality Performance – We are custom builders and fabricators for VW, Audi, BMW and other makes. Exhausts, manifolds, turbo setups – we do it all.

We can also handle all your maintenance needs like clutch replacements, belts, suspension, etc. Browse the site to see some of our work – contact us for a quote or more info!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 Uncategorized

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  • Dave Morrical says:

    Kevin, add more galleries, services, clutchmaster and other parts you sell. Just my $ .02 worth

  • Carlo Zini says:

    Hey Kevin, it would be my dream to have a jetta like this one. I have a gli and I’ve done alot of work to it but nothing that compares to this. Just wondering if i wanted to do my car up like this how much do you think it would cost? Thanks alot. Carlo.

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