Dreams to Reality Performance is a small shop with big intentions.  Started like so many shops do in a garage with hopes and dreams to have a real custom shop.  Well, like for my clients, my dream is a reality.  My name is Kevin Kreisa and I want to welcome you to my website.  My intent is to build and create what my clients dream up.  Some of my projects include a twin turbo Corrado, twin engine the same, multiple 1.8t VW swaps, 16v turbo builds, AWD conversion on Mk2 chassis, show car builds etc.  Just to name a few.  My background is from the US Navy as a Naval Nuclear Welder (NEC code 4956) were I spent ten years earning the grade of E6 (HT1).  In that time I learned much about sheet metal fabrication, pipe fitting and fabrication, machining and other useful skills not normally found in automotive shops.  Upon leaving the Navy I utilized my other skills to obtain work as a technician in various European auto repair shops.  Not content with the way those shops were ran, I decided that my destiny was to open up my own.  After going back into welding and playing with my own personal projects I eventually started Dreams To Reality Performance (or commonly called DTR Performance).

I often have been heard saying that “I do what my clients can’t” in description of what I do.  Although I am mainly known for doing very custom work, I do plenty of maintenance.  Not all of my clients have custom rides.   So whether it is making a custom turbo system for your car or just changing the oil, I do what I can!  I hope that I can be of service to whomever enters the shop!

Kevin Kreisa